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Getting to know HeySmile aligners - 4 nov Bucharest

Getting to know HeySmile aligners - 4 nov Bucharest

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Join us on an introductory journey through HeySmile® aligners as we set out to transform smiles together in Romania!

HeySmile is a top-tier clear aligner brand from Planmeca Group which offers fast and personalised services at flexible prices.

The doctor-driven clear aligner service concept is backed by an enthusiastic team of experts boasting more than two decades of collective experience in orthodontic appliances and aligners.
This one-day event is a concise and to-the-point introduction to HeySmile aligners and the online HeySmile® Studio platform.

You will hear insights and firsthand experiences from local orthodontists who have integrated HeySmile aligners in their services. The event is aimed at anyone interested in HeySmile as a clear aligner brand, with the focus being on practical knowhow rather than complex theory. The course will also offer actionable information which you can immediately apply to your practice.

This is a unique opportunity to refine your expertise and find out how you can start offering a modern and effective clear aligner solution to your patients*.

Reserve your spot now – space is limited!

DATE: Saturday, 4 November 2023, at 8:30–16:30
LOCATION: Strada Dr. Iacob Felix 55, Bucharest 011039
PRICE: Free of charge

Elaine Fediuk, CAD & Production Manager, HeySmile
Guest speakers Dr Elvira Patroi and Dr Alexandra Preda

08:30–09:00 Registration, welcome words and refreshments
09:00–10:30 Discovering HeySmile® aligners

- Introduction to HeySmile: who we are, our values and our services
- HTP Medical: your local HeySmile partner
- Understanding the materials, technology, and manufacturing processes
- Discussing the unique features that set HeySmile apart from other brands

10:45–12:00 Get to know the HeySmile workflow

- HeySmile’s speedy workflow explained, from patient documentation to
a successfully completed treatment
- Importance of documentation, diagnosis and communication with your dedicated
HeySmile technician for predictable treatment outcomes

12:00–12:15 Clinical experiences – Dr Elvira Patroi

13:00–14:30 Online HeySmile® Studio platform
- Overview and features
- How to create an account and request a new treatment
- CAD processes and quality control
- Starting the treatment: HeySmile aligners in the clinical setting

14:45–15:00 Clinical experiences – Dr Alexandra Preda

15:00–15:30 Future developments and innovations
- A glimpse into upcoming innovations and features in HeySmile Studio

15:30–16:00 Q&A and closing remarks
- Pose your technical and practical questions to the presenters

Iulia Stefanescu, HTP Medical: [email protected] or call 0372 402 702.